Sweet Dreams for Children

In this article we talk to our Head of Design, Julie Chapman, about creating fun bedrooms for children.

In considering the key design elements of a child’s bedroom we  always aim to create a space with the specific child in mind. We often install low-level storage and fun yet functional sleeping arrangements, taking care to consider how a room will accommodate sleep overs that have become a  normal social fixture for most children. There should be a quiet area for reading, perhaps incorporating a sofa or comfy chair by a window and a desk. The desk can be used as a changing area if it’s a nursery then later for homework. We tend to keep features such as a TV, blackboard wall or a giant pinboard out of the bedroom if possible and use them in  the playroom. Without these interactive elements the bedroom is a restful place where the child can feel fully relaxed and safe. Blackout curtains and good lighting that can be dimmed are essential so too are a super comfy children’s mattress and good quality duvet and pillows.

When looking at furniture for a young person’s bedroom we like to consider transitional pieces that can be adapted and reconfigured as the child’s needs change, such as a cot that can be turned into a bed later on. If space is an issue, or the room is oddly proportioned, modular pieces incorporating a bed, desk and spare bed option are flexible and are probably a good longer term investment. As fitted joinery will be a major cost we always try to ensure that it is as flexible as possible and if space is limited that there is storage for toys, which maximises the feeling of open space in the room.

In all the decisions we take, the child’s safety is of paramount importance and this is discussed at the outset with the parents and will form a core element  in our design of the room.

For the majority of commission I work on the aim will be to create a flexible child’s bedroom that I described above in such cases the fabrics should be carefully chosen. What will be relevant to the child’s age today may not be in a couple of years. So we are careful to keep toy or theme led fabrics and furnishings to elements that are easily  changed, such as cushions, bed throws and art. We often suggest a customised piece of art for the child’s bedroom, which will inspire and grow with the child. This could be closely connected to a pastime or hobby that all the family enjoys.